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Strategist. Enthusiast. Optimist.


I founded Snyder Strategies to share and leverage my deep understanding of the advocacy world with non-profits and social justice organizations. Committed to authenticity and integrity in my personal and professional life, I will offer advice you can trust and act upon.

With over 15 years of experience in communications, advocacy, and public affairs, I am a seasoned professional and an expert in managing strategic communications, leading successful advocacy initiatives, designing innovative outreach and engagement programs, and running high-profile campaigns. Having worked for a range of organizations, I have a passion for ensuring non-profits and social justice organizations use their voices and expertise to influence policies that impact those most in need.

I have been on all sides of the advocacy world - as a grassroots advocacy director, a lobbyist, a consultant, and a US Senate staffer. I know how to engage your members and volunteers and turn them into lifetime advocates and donors.

When needed, I will draw upon my vast network to ensure you have access to the experts in the field. I have strong relationships with web designers, strategic planners, fundraising experts, policy experts, lawmakers, and others who will work with us to make sure all aspects of your organizations are exceptional.


Bethany Snyder
Snyder Strategies


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