Health Care Outreach and Strategy


With more than 15 years in the health care policy sector, I am an expert in navigating this complex and ever-changing landscape. If you are a health-focused organization or want to partner with one, I can help you build a successful strategy and make connections to the right people.

I can connect you to:

  • Health systems and hospitals

  • Health care providers and clinics

  • Voluntary health care organizations (i.e. American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, etc.)

  • Mental health care organizations

  • Health care advocates and stakeholders

  • Trade associations

  • Managed care plans

  • Health insurance companies

  • Health care experts

  • Federal and state health care agencies



“Having Bethany on your team is like hiring three people.

You get a superb project manager, setting strategy and also tracking the details.

You get a networker, an intuitive extrovert, who can make connections with the hard-to-reach or the key stakeholder.

And you get a worker bee - someone who simply gets the job done and done right.”

— Katherine blauvelt, former field director, us senate