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Building Blocks of a Strong Advocacy Campaign - The Grassroots


Organizations that build their campaigns from the ground up – placing their members and supporters at the CENTER of their campaigns – will be on stronger ground.

Sure, you can probably get a few legislative wins with your contract lobbyist. But often – and this is becoming more common – you will need more than just a lobbyist to achieve your policy goals.

Especially if you are a nonprofit, membership, or social justice organization, you MUST engage your supporters and members. You can do this by equipping your supporters and members with the tools and resources they need to share your message.

Not only is it the only way you can compete with big-money campaigns, but placing your members and supporters at the center of your campaigns will strengthen your organization for years to come.


Here are a few examples of what it looks like when organizations put their members at the center of their campaigns:

  • Your key members are involved in the development of your legislative agenda and know your key priorities

  • You use data to understand your advocates’ actions and know who is ripe to move up the “advocate ladder” and engage further

  • Your advocate universe is growing beyond your traditional audiences – your staff, leaders, and members share your legislative priorities with others and encourage them to get involved

  • You communicate and celebrate your big and small wins with your advocates – and their contributions

Are your members and donors at the CENTER of your advocacy campaigns?

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