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Advocacy in Action

Are you struggling to engage your members in your advocacy efforts? Do you wonder what more you need to do to demonstrate your organization’s power - and pass your legislative priorities? Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see the forest through the trees - and a map to get you to your destination.

Case Studies




How can an association of healthcare centers empower their providers and patients to think of themselves as advocates, not just employees and consumers?


Snyder Strategies immediately recognized the untapped advocacy potential of CPCA member centers’ providers and patients. But releasing this potential energy is not unlike splitting the atom. It
requires careful planning, a clear focus on results, and a commitment from leaders at both CPCA and its many member organizations. 

To develop the plan, Snyder Strategies examined external opportunities and barriers; conducted research on similar successful association models; assessed internal opportunities and barriers; conducted interviews with key internal stakeholders; identified barriers to engagement, and provided recommendations on how to overcome them.

California+ Advocates
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Minnesota Social Service Association


How can a state association harness its multisector members to effectively advance competing policy priorities in the legislature?


In 2019, MSSA partnered with Snyder Strategies, LLC to develop a three-year advocacy strategy. Following a landscape analysis, interviews with internal and external stakeholders, and a detailed audit of existing assets, Snyder Strategies developed a comprehensive advocacy roadmap for MSSA to increase its statewide member engagement over the long term.


The plan centered on the association’s most essential attributes – such as its diverse membership, public-private partnerships, on-the-ground expertise, and younger members’ enthusiasm – as the team began to deepen its institutional culture of advocacy. 

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How can an agency that serves California’s most vulnerable children and families convince state legislators to boost a federally funded program with state resources?

Head Start California retained Snyder Strategies, LLC from 2019-2022 to develop and implement grasstops and grassroots advocacy plan to advance its advocacy efforts. With years of expertise in health and human services, Snyder Strategies is well aware of the shortfall in early childhood education across America, and the overall lack of investment in underserved children that perpetuates a cycle of poverty as they grow into adults. That urgency, coupled with broad support across many agencies, inspired our advocacy communications plan to engage Head Start California’s statewide network.



How can a faith-based organization focused on eliminating injustice, bigotry and racism, and dedicated to working for human rights and equality, better engage its members and grow its congregation?


Snyder Strategies conducted an audit of LBUCC’s communications channels and target audiences and provided recommendations on how to improve and expand them. This included comprehensive branding, communications, and marketing strategies designed to promote the mission and vision of the organization and increase interaction between LBUCC and the greater Loomis Basin area.

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Loomis Basin UCC
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THE BURNING QUESTION: How can a small, regional affinity group, with limited resources and a narrow core audience, increase its reputation, upgrade its standing in the regional discussion, and become a leader in the greater community?

THE SNYDER STRATEGY: When Bethany Snyder, the founder of Snyder Strategies, moved to the Sacramento area with her family, she sought out queer social groups to meet other LGBTQ families and kids. She found a small, inactive group on Facebook and reached out to the leader to see if they wanted help.

Sacramenta Area Rainbow Families
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