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Build relationships, not transactions.
Learn how to activate and empower people to create change.

Strategic Outreach and Strategy

LGBTQ Community Outreach and Support

Health Care Outreach & Strategy

Strategic Outreach and Strategy


The bedrock of any advocacy or outreach plan is creating the right partnerships. 

With more than 20 years in the health care policy sector, I am an expert in navigating this complex and ever-changing landscape. If you are a health-focused organization or want to partner with one, I can help you build a successful strategy and connect you to the right people.

I have worked with health care associations, hospitals, providers, and health plans to develop outreach plans that focus on reaching out to the right partners with the right message. 

I have built partnerships with the following organizations: 

  • Health systems and hospitals

  • Health care providers and clinics

  • Voluntary health care organizations (i.e. American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, etc.)

  • Mental health care organizations

  • Health care advocates and stakeholders

  • Children health care organizations

  • Equity focused health care organizations

  • Health care advocacy organizations

  • Provider associations

  • Managed care plans

  • Health plans

  • Health care experts 

  • Federal and state health care agencies

  • Local, state, and federal policymakers 

Creative Office
LGBTQ Community Outreach & Support


“Having Bethany on your team is like hiring three people. You get a superb project manager, setting strategy and also tracking the details. You get a networker, an intuitive extrovert, who can make connections with the hard-to-reach or the key stakeholder. And you get a worker bee - someone who simply gets the job done and done right.”

— Katherine Blauvelt, Former Field Director, US Senate

Pride Flags

LGBTQ Community Outreach and Support


The LGBTQ community is an example of a resilient, dedicated, and focused community. As an active member of the LGBTQ community, I understand how to connect to LGBTQ people and leverage the unique opportunities of their engagement.


If your organization provides social services or is working towards social justice, working effectively with the LGBTQ community is more important than ever before.

I can provide:

  • LGBTQ outreach training and workshops

  • Connections to local, state, and national LGBTQ organizations

  • Relationships with LGBTQ leaders

  • Messaging and strategy advice to connect with the LGBTQ community

  • LGBTQ legal and policy experts



“Bethany builds relationships not transactions. She knows how to activate and empower people to create change.”

— Current State Director, US Senate

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