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Lobbyists, I Feel Your Pain.


I feel your pain. I see you walking the hallways, taking a million calls a day – from clients, legislative staff, and your bosses. It is rough out there. I see you.

You have a ton to juggle –

  • relationships with your clients, lawmakers, and their staff

  • drafting language, fact sheets, talking points, and emails

  • committee schedules, votes, and meetings

  • negotiating policy needs and coalition dynamics

  • connecting key stakeholders to their lawmakers

  • building public support to pass your bills

As you analyze how your bills are going to move through the process, you are evaluating each legislator: you know which ones you can move, which ones need a higher touch, and those who are set in their corner.

Wouldn’t you love to work with a grassroots strategist who can help you strategically engage advocates to move your bills forward?


I work with lobbyists (in-house and contract) to strategically engage advocates to achieve your policy goals; to connect your key stakeholders to their lawmakers; to BUILD POWER FOR THE FUTURE!

However, when I reach out to organizations’ government relations or advocacy leaders, I hear, “We don’t need your services. We already have a lobbyist.” Oy vey.

And I respond, THAT’S GREAT! I AM NOT A LOBBYIST! But I can be their best friend.

Lobbyists, I will make you look amazing – to your clients, bosses, and lawmakers! While also strengthening your power in the Capitol.


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