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Your Success INSIDE  the
Capitol Depends on Your
Power OUTSIDE  the Capitol

With an energized, dependable base of advocates, your organization can win at state capitols, in the halls of Congress, and beyond.


Are you struggling to engage your members in your advocacy efforts?
Do you wonder what more you need to do to demonstrate your organization’s power - and pass your legislative priorities?


Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see the forest through the trees - and a map to get you to your destination. With insight from your leaders, members, and other advocacy stakeholders, Snyder Strategies will help you:

  • Uncover the internal and external barriers hindering your members from engaging in advocacy and how to remove these roadblocks.

  • Reveal how your members want to be engaged in your advocacy program and discover the tools they need to be successful.

  • Identify the data you need to properly evaluate your advocacy efforts and improve your efforts for your next campaign.


“Bethany created a three-year advocacy plan that gave us a clear roadmap for how to grow our network of advocates, allowing us to build power and ensure we can continue to provide care to those who need it most in communities throughout California.”

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Strategist. Enthusiast.


Bethany Snyder, MPP is the founder of Snyder Strategies, LLC, a boutique consulting firm she formed to share and leverage her deep understanding of the advocacy world with nonprofit and membership-based organizations. With nearly 25 years of experience in communications, advocacy, and public affairs, Bethany is a seasoned professional and a nonprofit advocacy expert. She has been on all sides of the advocacy desk - as a grassroots advocacy director, a lobbyist, a consultant, a comms director, and a US Senate staffer. Having worked for a range of organizations, she is passionate about ensuring that nonprofit and social justice organizations use their voices and expertise to influence policies that impact those most in need.

You know that you need to engage your members in your advocacy program strategically, but HOW?


Let us help you organize!

Case Studies



How can an agency focused on advocacy for California’s most vulnerable children and families convince state legislators to boost the impact of a federally-funded program by committing state resources?

Head Start California retained Snyder Strategies to develop and implement grasstops and grassroots advocacy strategies to use in its advocacy efforts. We created an advocacy communications plan to engage Head Start California’s statewide network of grantees and more than 150 agencies that provide services to over 100,000 children and their families at more than 2,000 sites across California.

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How can a faith-based organization focused on eliminating injustice, bigotry and racism, and dedicated to working for human rights and equality, better engage its members and grow its congregation?


Snyder Strategies conducted an audit of LBUCC’s communications channels and target audiences and provided recommendations on how to improve and expand them. This included comprehensive branding, communications, and marketing strategies designed to promote the mission and vision of the organization and increase interaction between LBUCC and the greater Loomis Basin area.

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How can an association of health care centers empower their providers and patients to think of themselves as advocates, not just employees and consumers?


Snyder Strategies immediately recognized the untapped advocacy potential of CPCA member centers’ providers and patients. To assist with this outreach transformation, Snyder Strategies developed a three-year strategy that:

  • Leverages advocacy leaders

  • Transforms clinicians and staff into advocates

  • Engages patients and consumers

  • Develops new systems and harnesses data

  • Streamlines and targets communication efforts

  • Creates training opportunities across the organization

To develop the plan, Snyder Strategies examined external opportunities and barriers; conducted research on similar successful association models; assessed internal opportunities and barriers; conducted interviews with key internal stakeholders; identified barriers to engagement, and provided recommendations on how to overcome them

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"After working with Bethany, we walked away with a

three-year roadmap and are well into the first year. Every

month we continue to check items off the roadmap, and

as we do so, more and more of our members are

commenting on the positive changes we are making! We

would definitely work with Bethany again!"

Christina Zeise
Executive Director,
Minnesota Social Service Association
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